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 Dreamz World Administrator App. *PENDING*

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Dreamz World
Server Owner
Server Owner
Dreamz World

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Dreamz World Administrator App. *PENDING* Empty
PostSubject: Dreamz World Administrator App. *PENDING*   Dreamz World Administrator App. *PENDING* I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 19, 2010 4:50 pm

Pre-Mod skills
No I haven't been mod on any other servers, I have been admin on quite a few.
Like Karmascape
- Rap3scape
_______Server staff________
Owner: Chaime13
Co-owner: Woody
Admin: none?
Mod: R1ch or rich
Last mod:R1ich or rich
Forum Mod: Mini Nuke
_________Things that the forums are for__________
Form is for communicating with all members to different extents.
Most of the time
________Coding Skills and online times________
No coding skills at the moment

0_0 12 AM - 2:30 (AM)

I hereby state, that if i abuse my Administrative Status, and if i quit, i will lose my status and rank.If i mess up and/or do something dire, then i will be iped banned permanantly.
Signed, Dreamz World

Mod app made by Dreamz World
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Dreamz World Administrator App. *PENDING*
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