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 Markus banned

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PostSubject: Markus banned   Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:39 pm

im banned cuz they said that i duped i got 20 of all godswords fuz i got em froma g player named lol he gave me them i diddnt know it was duped because i dont know how we dupe and i gave gses away and had dpartys but kylesh teled me and i gave him my password to acc and he saw k and he dropped the gses and he teled me again so he said that im gonna get banned for giving away gses i read rules they dont say that its not aloud to give gses and 1 rule sais that u must not do things u think is bad and i thought is outfit contest bad no is gicing stuff away bad no its nice so i did it and got banned i ddint DUPE i donjt knwo how to DUPE i got the GODSWORDS from a PLAYER so i hoope mods admins owners co-owners read :-) CUZ I HAVEN DONE ANYTHING WRONG AND KYLESH DIDNT WANNA LISEN TO MY SO IM GLAD I CAN SPEAK OUT HERE SO U CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT HAS HAPPENED := TY FOR UR TIME AND HOPE U READED IT -Markus
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Markus banned
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