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 Toxic fm mod app

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toxic fm

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PostSubject: Toxic fm mod app   Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:53 am

Name: toxic fm

Age: 15
irl name: Danny
Location: in nasty's pants.

I Try to help the server out as Much as I Possibly can.
I’m Very Dedicated, when I set my mind to something I accomplish it. I am a Leader Not a Follower, I never was and never will be. I am experienced enough to help with a lot of different languages. Also, I am very helpful and nice. Never put people down. I am very active around the forums also in-game, and have a good reputation.
Reasons I believe I would make a good moderator: I do not use inappropriate behavior, have never had to be warned and respect everyone. I am on here everyday and follow the rules. And that also means if people need something that they can always ask me as I am more than willing to help. And Also means I am easily contactable as people can contact me here and on MSN. I get along with mostly everyone. That doesn't mean those that I don't get along with I would treat any different.
I believe in fairness always. My spelling and grammar is a lot better now. I like to help people and give advice when and if I can. I notice things some of the Mods do not, And I'd like to help out by fixing what I see, instead of always having to show a mod thus also helping them out.

I know most of the mods and respect them so I could work with them well too I will warn users when stuff gets out of hand or if inappropriate behavior is being used, while I know some users like to "cuss" too much is well too much, And well I'm on a lot more than most people so I could benefit very much that way and I also know a lot of people here. i'd also like to point out that I've become a much more confident person since I posted this, not only in my own abilities but also confronting people on issues that I believe should be solved rather than carried on.
Everyone if your Reading this I Hope you Take this Into Consideration.

As most of you noticed, we've recently become a bigger server.To my knowledge three staff members under similar time zones.
Why Should i Be Picked As Staff?
I love collaborating with and learning what people like about certain gameplay elements. Although I'm not an experienced designer, I believe that with this community, coupled with more advanced tutorials, level promotion, and constructive criticism, we can create a great environment for Server Purpose's. I'm Also a Very Experience Player, I help as much as i can and to my Best Abilities.
Having a considerable amount of time to offer to the job (At least a daily average 7 hrs

I also have a helpful and easy going personality. I know Enough game and rules experience to be able to actually help players. I can also Accept positive feedback and criticism from other members of the team, while being able to successfully being part of it.

I'd like to start a video podcast or Youtube video channel showing people how to make/obtain certain things in projeect weed and maybe interview some people who have made some of these items. I think that it's a lot easier to learn how to do things by way of visual communication, and I think this would be a nice step into the right direction.

I am Almost Always on forums As Much as i can be, i may not post alot but i post when i think it is needed.

Well thats my Application Thanks for Viewing!
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Toxic fm mod app
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