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 Robbie for mod

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PostSubject: Robbie for mod   Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:45 am

Player name: Robbie

How long you have been playing for: 3 weeks

Are you Helpfull: Yes very

Are you kind: Yes indeed

have you read all the rules: Yep

Will you follow these rules: Yes

Give me one rule: No Impersonating Staff

Any experience: I have been co on 4 servers, admin on about 6, mod on about 11.

Any Staff recomended you to apply for it: No

if so which one: None

I hereby state, that if i abuse my Administrative Status, and if i quit, i will lose my status and rank.If i mess up and/or do something dire, then i will be iped banned permanantly.
Signed, Robbie

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Robbie for mod
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