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 Skies for MOD! :D

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PostSubject: Skies for MOD! :D   Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:36 am

Heres my app!

Player name: Skies

How long you have been playing for: about a week and a half now Very Happy

Are you Helpfull: yeah Smile

Are you kind: yup Very Happy

have you read all the rules: yeah!

Will you follow these rules: Of course!

Give me one rule for player and Mod: No item duping! May result in Ban!

Any Staff recomended you to apply for it: Dont think so

if so which one: \

Any experience: Use to be a co-owner on a 317 about a year ago

If i was to become a mod i would be on as much as possible! Even as a normal player i am a very active player, becasue this is a brilliant server ;D Also if i was chosen i would help new players and tell them where, or what to do if nessesary and make sure the economy stays in ship shape condition! Very Happy

Thank you for reading my app! Very Happy Wish me luck Wink

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Skies for MOD! :D
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