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 aww owneds admin app

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aww owned

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PostSubject: aww owneds admin app   aww owneds admin app I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 20, 2010 5:19 am

Player name: aww owned ,pray vs sum

How long you have been playing for: doesnt matter that arent your skils

Are you Helpfull:yes i am verry helpfull cus i like tyo help peeps not a lie cus most peeps lie about it

Are you kind:wtf??

have you read all the rules:yes all of them

Will you follow these rules: ofcours

Give me one rule: respect all staff

Any experience: yes first whith admin i was 5 times on great serves and i was 2 times mod and 2 times owner on 1 100+ online when there was only 1 moparscape page that was the biggest server

Any Staff recomended you to apply for it: what u mean

if so which one:wtf

To be staff you must be on 5 hours a day as wll as on chat will you be:i can be on for that lon but meybe not whith school or other thing like going to partys or to my grandma

its just my old one
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aww owneds admin app
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